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The Therapist by Gabriela Yepes Translated by Gigi Guizado

The Therapist by Gabriela Yepes Translated by Gigi Guizado


How do you look the enemy in the eye?

A human rights lawyer, accustomed to solving unwanted

cases, receives an unusual proposal: to organise a yoga

workshop for the leaders of Peru’s most notorious

terrorist groups. The men are serving life sentences in a

maximum-security prison since their arrest in the early

1990s. All prisoners have the right to rehabilitation. But

how do you teach wellbeing skills to the perpetrators of

the bloodiest civil conflict in contemporary Peruvian

history? Can those responsible for such suffering be

changed? To address these questions, the therapist

confronts a group of now aged, fragile-looking men,

who remain invisible on stage. The sheer act of standing

there, with the audience as witness, strengthens her

resolve to confront her own family history. The Therapist

is above all a settling of accounts with past demons. The

play takes us back in time through our protagonist’s early

years, marked by abandonment and solitude. A time

when violence stalked the country, as well as home.

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